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This article focuses on how to automate the logic/conditions. It can be interpreted in different ways. I have written this article in the lens of trading.

Everyone wants to buy at a low price and sell at a high price in the stock market according to some conditions. And to…


I have been an investor in the stock and crypto market for a while. Due to the busy schedule, I often miss out on some timing to buy or sell stocks. Also, I wanted to limit the number of times I see my brokerage account to control my addiction. I…


It is no longer a statement that investing in cryptocurrencies is terrible! Many investors have already allocated a portion to crypto. In this article, I will cover top packages on crypto trading while writing this article. As crypto is universal, anyone can use these packages.

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There is a big argument…


Irrespective of any field, Data scientists(DS) love data(Don’t we?). DS also loves connecting different data endpoints and seeing if it makes sense. In this article, I will connect other data points on stocks, perform a detailed analysis, and create charts to understand better.

Note: Goto for non-technical users, just go…


Data about stocks are so much abundant. Each data source covers different angles of a stock. There is a lot of activity happening on the stock market every single day, hour, minute.

Sourcing data

To get all this data, we need to connect individual APIs of all the services. Some data sources…


It is terrible, or you will curse yourself(maybe in the future) if you don't have any crypto investment. Many investors have already allocated a portion for crypto. However, many are still scared about the wild price fluctuation.

This article will explain how I have implemented a strategy to buy and…


I am a big fan of Airflow and its advantages on workflow management tools. However, I recently started using Prefect for my workflows. Both are built using python. In this article, I will go over the differences between these two.

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Why Workflow management?

Workflows are an integral part of many production-related applications. It…


NFT’s are great(at least pretend it is), and you have created a ton of arts/images with your creativity or created using AI(artificial intelligence). But how to upload multiple images in Opensea? I have often been asked this question. In this article, I will show a method to upload images.

Modern art creation by author

NFT in Opensea


Create a knowledge graph and link different data assets


Knowledge graphs(KG) are compelling in finding and storing a lot of information. The stock market has a ton of data that are scattered around. This article is an initial attempt to build a knowledge graph for stocks using AWS Neptune.

I will try to explain the usage of KG in…

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